What To Do If You Find Mold In Your Home

mold removal njMold can be a huge pain to find in your home and a huge pain to get rid of. Mold forms naturally both inside and outside, so it is extremely difficult to remove it from your home when you find it. Here are some questions you might have regarding mold in your house and what to do about it.

How Do You Identify Mold?

Even before you see mold in your home, you can likely smell it. Mold creates a musty odor; if you notice this, you should be looking for it. The dark spores usually grow in areas that are moist without proper ventilation, so if you suspect you have mold, check areas such as underneath sinks, in crawl spaces, or other places with poor ventilation.

Why Is Mold So Dangerous?

Why should you worry about mold if you find it in your home? Can it be left alone? Mold is not safe to live with, and it is best to get rid of it as soon as you know you have it. Once it forms, it spreads quickly. Mold affects the air that you breathe. It contains dangerous toxins that are harmful to your health. Living in a place with mold can be especially dangerous if you have asthma, allergies, any other kind of respiratory disease, or autoimmune diseases. It can make you incredibly ill to be constantly breathing in air that mold has contaminated. If you discover that you are living with mold, you should have it removed immediately.

What Should You Do If You Find Mold In Your Home?

If you find mold, you should first call a cleanup company to come in and eradicate the mold for you. Mold forms because areas are moist without proper ventilation, so when you find those areas growing mold, you should determine what is causing the moisture and see if you can remove the source. If you can prevent moisture from returning, you can prevent further mold growth. As you wait for the professionals to come and remove the mold, you should also turn off anything that might be disturbing the air, such as fans and air conditioners. This will make it easier to prevent the spores from spreading even further. You should also close off whatever area contains the mold to prevent spores from spreading.

What Should You Not Do If You Find Mold In Your Home?

As you wait for the professionals to come to remove the mold, you should not try to clean it up yourself. Do not try to dry up the infected area because you will likely cause the spores to spread to other areas of your home, making it more challenging to eradicate the mold. You also do not want to paint over or disinfect the mold, as this does not actually remove the problem.

Mold Removal—New Jersey

If you discover mold in your New Jersey home, call MaxClean Restoration to help you remove it. They can help you protect your health and safety and ensure your home’s air is clean.