Water & Flood Damage

Water & Flood Damage Cleanup

A burst pipe, storm, or floodwater can quickly cause extensive damage to your home or building. Unchecked, water will run across floors, seep into wall cavities and flooring, and dampen building materials. 

Failure to act quickly can result in significant damage and even mold growth. As soon as you discover water damage, call the certified pros at MaxClean Restoration. Available 24/7, we’ll act quickly to extract the water and dry your property, preventing any further damage.

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Act Fast To Limit The Damage

Prompt water extraction is necessary to begin mitigating the damage. Removing the water limits the spread of the damage and promotes faster drying, thereby limiting the water saturation in building materials and wood which can lead to permanent or more severe damage.

As soon as we arrive at the scene, we will assess the damage to your property. Then, we’ll make a plan to get the area clean and dry as soon as possible.

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Take Control of Water Damage In 3 Easy Steps

Our professionals specialize in water damage restoration. Their training is focused on using the latest science, newest technology, and time-tested processes to get your building dried quickly while focusing on restoring salvageable items.  

Not all water damage companies are the same, just as not all water damage losses are the same. Trust MaxClean to get the job done right.


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What Can You Do Now?

What to Do After Water Damage Occurs

When your home or business has a water intrusion, safety is the biggest priority.  There are a few things you can do before we arrive.  However, only do what you can safely.  As soon as we arrive, we will assess the situation and take immediate action to prevent further damage to your property.

What To Do Before We Arrive:

Shut off the water source if you’re able.  If you are unable to shut off the water source contact a plumber or qualified person to stop the water flow.

Turn off circuit breakers for the affected areas of your home or business if it is safe to access the circuit breaker panel without getting an electrical shock.

Remove as much standing water as you can with a mop or towel.

Remove furniture from wet carpet or place wood blocks or aluminum foil under the legs.

Move sensitive items such as electronics, paintings, computers and documents to a dry area.

What NOT To Do Before We Arrive:

DON’T enter the area if circuit breakers, electrical receptacles, light switches or other electrical equipment  are exposed to water. ALWAYS AVOID ELECTRIC SHOCK HAZARDS!

DON’T use a vacuum cleaner to remove water.  

DON’T turn on lights to ceiling fans if water has affected the ceiling

DON’T enter rooms or areas the have sagging ceilings for retained moisture.