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When mold starts to invade your home, it can quickly wreak havoc.  It only takes 48 hours for mold growth to begin to spread throughout your home. This can cause devastating health effects to your family, as well as severe damage to your property.

MaxClean Restoration responds quickly and will evaluate your situation to determine the source of the mold. Our certified team will effectively remove and remediate the mold that is impacting your property, restoring your property and your peace of mind.

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Anyone can claim to remove mold, but proper removal requires an understanding of the mold source, containment, and safe removal of contaminated materials. Failure to do so can lead to recurrences and lingering health effects. 

MaxClean Restoration follows all industry standards and protocols for safe and effective mold removal. We take your health and the health of our team seriously at all times.

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What Can You Do Now?

What to Do If You Have Mold

Mold spores are everywhere, both indoors and outdoors. Mold can enter your home through open doors, windows, and HVAC systems, and even on your clothes or your pets. Because it is a part of nature, mold spores cannot be completely removed from your home, but mold needs moisture to grow. Once mold begins growing, you might smell a strong and musty odor. This is the time to act before it spreads out of control. 

What to Do Before We Arrive

  • Determine the water source and take action to prevent the moisture from returning.
  • Turn off the HVAC system, fans, or anything else that might disturb the air.  This will help keep the mold spores from spreading.
  • Restrict access to the affected areas. Close doors and cabinets to help contain the mold.

What NOT to Do Before We Arrive

  • Don’t touch, clean, or disturb the mold.
  • Don’t attempt to dry it yourself or blow air across the mold, this can cause the spores to migrate throughout the building.
  • Don’t apply paint or disinfectants on the mold.